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Smilies meanings

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Smilies meanings

Post by Admin on 19/02/17, 10:54 pm

These are the meanings of the smileys you can enrich your posts with

Smileys 1

Very Happy Grin  Smile Smile  LOL Laugh out loud  Haha Ha ha  Shedatear Shed a tear  Yay Yay
Sad Sad  Rolling Eyes Rolleyes  Shocked Shocked  Cool Cool  Angry Angry  Rant Rant  Surprised Surprised 
What What?  Bawl Bawl  Swearing Swearing/angry  Scratchhead Scratch head  Cantbelieveit Can't believe it

Wink Wink  Thinks Thinks

Smileys 2

Strokechin Strokes chin  Excited Excited  Gaah Gaah, frustrated  Clap Claps hands

Dazed Dazed  Embarrassed Embarrassed  Wary Wary  Jawdrop Jaw drops Shrugs shrugs, what can you do?

Thankyou Thank you,  Dontpanic Don't panic  Suspect Suspect  pale Goes pale  confused Confused

afraid Scared, shocked  cheers Cheers  drunken Drunken  Sleep Sleepy, yawn, bored 

Party Party  :runabout: Run about happy

Smileys 3

Therethere There, there silent silent, saying nothing Evil evil tongue tongue out   Shakehands
Techtrouble Tech trouble  sunny Sunny  bounce Bounce  Noway No way  No No
Raspberry Raspberry  Twisted Evil Twisted eveil  Neutral Neutral  Banghead Bangs head /up against brick wall
Imouttahere I'm outta here tears out hair  Topicclosed Topic closed  Sigh Sigh Facepalm facepalm

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